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Outpatient rehab is an effective treatment option for those dealing with substance use disorders (SUDs). Lifetime Recovery is proud to offer this flexible solution.

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Recognizing your substance use has gotten out of hand can feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. The good news is that all hope is not lost. If you’re fed up with the consequences of your use, the professionals at Lifetime Recovery can help you come up with a personalized treatment option that will propel you to sobriety. Not everyone requires an intensive program to meet their recovery goals, which is why we offer outpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs.

Through our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program, you can get sober and start your recovery journey with professional guidance and support several days a week—without having to uproot your life. We take into consideration your home, work, and school responsibilities while designing treatment plans that align with your recovery goals. If you’re wondering whether you could benefit from addiction therapy services, counseling, and support in a safe, serene environment, reach out to our outpatient rehab center today! We proudly serve patients from New Jersey, Philadelphia County, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York.

What to Expect in an Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Outpatient programs for alcohol and drugs do not require you to live at the recovery center during the completion of your treatment.

An outpatient program allows you to come to the facility during scheduled therapy sessions and then return home at the end of the day. Depending on the severity of your addiction and your needs, there are different types of outpatient programs that may be appropriate for you, including our intensive outpatient program (IOP) and our partial hospital program (PHP). The IOP and PHP are both more intensive and require a higher level of participation than the standard outpatient rehab programs.

Regardless of which type of program is recommended, all outpatient therapy programs revolve around the following:

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In addition to a variety of addiction therapy services, participants in outpatient treatment will also explore holistic therapies to help support healthy behaviors and long-term sobriety and well-being.

Since you’ll be going home at the end of every session, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment also allows you to apply what you learn each day immediately instead of waiting weeks or even months if you were in inpatient treatment. This is beneficial when it comes to your therapy sessions because it gives you more real-world scenarios to discuss.

What Is the Difference Between Inpatient Care and Outpatient Care?

Inpatient treatment requires a person to live at a residential facility for the duration of treatment. Inpatient may be recommended for people with a very severe drug and alcohol addiction that requires constant care in terms of handling withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient may also be a better option for those who don’t have a supportive home environment while undergoing treatment.

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs, such as what is offered at our outpatient rehab center in New Jersey, allow you to live at home and go about your daily life while still participating heavily in addiction therapy and support services. Many people prefer outpatient rehab because it allows them to continue enjoying their home and family lives while still embracing a new recovery lifestyle.

Is outpatient drug and alcohol rehab right for you?

If you aren’t sure if outpatient drug and alcohol rehab is the best option for you, it’s important to discuss your options with a treatment professional. Based on your current situation and your needs, they will help determine whether one of our outpatient substance abuse programs or an inpatient program is the better option for you.

That being said, there is an “ideal candidate” for treatment at our outpatient rehab center in New Jersey. This type of treatment is ideal for those who simply can’t put their life on hold to enter treatment and still need to be able to go to work, school, or tend to family members and loved ones. It’s also important that the person in treatment has a supportive home environment since the temptations to use will be greater than for someone who is in inpatient treatment.

The ideal candidate foACr outpatient drug and alcohol rehab is someone who:

  • Is suffering from a new addiction

  • Isn’t suffering from a severe mental illness

  • Has a supportive and sober environment at home

  • Suffers from less severe cravings or withdrawal symptoms

  • Has already been through inpatient treatment but needs to enter treatment again

If you or someone you know can check off the boxes to one or more of the requirements above, you might be an ideal candidate for outpatient rehab at Lifetime Recovery.

What Types of Outpatient Rehab Services Are Available?

Outpatient substance abuse programs vary based on intensity. At Lifetime Recovery, we offer the following options:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: During this type of SUD treatment, patients are given medicine to aid their recovery.

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs: With these treatment plans, patients are required to participate in an intense treatment regimen with several hours of therapy and skill-building treatment services. Sessions may be run for 5-8 hours a day, five to seven days a week.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment: These programs are more intense than standard outpatient programs since they require patients to visit the treatment center multiple times a week for several hours at a time.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): With this type of treatment, licensed therapists help patients recognize negative thoughts and behaviors that lead to substance abuse. From here, they help patients discover new ways to change or replace these thoughts and behaviors to maintain sobriety.

  • Individual Counseling: Patients undergoing outpatient treatment can participate in one-on-one sessions with their therapist to identify their specific triggers and formulate individualized goals.

  • Group Counseling: Sometimes, it’s helpful to learn from others’ experiences, especially when you are trying to maintain sobriety. By participating in group sessions, you will be able to learn unique ways to recover from an alcohol or drug habit, share your own struggles, and build a community within a safe and welcoming environment.

Does Our Outpatient Rehab Center in New Jersey Offer Support for Co-Occurring Disorders?

When you have a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental health issue, it’s called a co-occurring disorder or dual-diagnosis. Through our dual-diagnosis treatment program, people with co-occurring disorders can benefit from outpatient services, especially if they don’t need treatment for a severe mental illness.

People with severe substance abuse and mental health disorders should take the time to attend inpatient treatment at a residential facility. But that doesn’t mean they should rule out outpatient care if they’re not able to attend an inpatient program. Again, our admissions specialists are happy to talk you through your options.

Discover the Power & Flexibility of Outpatient Therapy Programs Today

Taking control of your life after developing a substance abuse problem can feel like an uphill battle…that is unless you have a cavalry helping you along the way. At Lifetime Recovery, you will have the support and community you need to achieve sobriety and reach your recovery goals. Within our outpatient substance abuse programs, our licensed and qualified medical professionals and mental health counselors will teach you the skills you need to live a healthy, happy life.

For more information about our programs, contact our outpatient rehab center today! We happily serve people throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia County, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York.