Drug Treatment Center in Hammonton, NJ.

At our addiction treatment center in New Jersey, we are truly excited to establish a connection with you and extend our support as you progress towards your journey to recovery from addiction.

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Drug Treatment Center New Jersey

Empathetic and Comprehensive Care at Our Drug Treatment Center in Hammonton, NJ

Customized Treatment Paths Tailored Just For You

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we believe in providing customized and empathetic care in the journey towards recovery. Located in the heart of Hammonton, NJ, our drug treatment center is a sanctuary where individuals are empowered to overcome addiction challenges. With a profound understanding of the complex nature of addiction, we serve the Atlantic County community by offering a range of services that address the unique needs of each individual.

Here in Hammonton, NJ, we prioritize the wellbeing of our clients, ensuring that they receive the highest level of care and support throughout their recovery process. By choosing Lifetime Recovery Center, you are not only selecting a treatment center but a partner that is committed to walking with you every step of the way towards a life free from addiction.

For immediate assistance or inquiries, please contact us at 844-896-8156.

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Evidence-Based Approaches for Sustainable Recovery

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we champion evidence-based practices to pave the way for a sustainable recovery journey in the realm of drug addiction treatment. Situated in Hammonton, NJ, our dedicated team of professionals is steadfast in implementing effective strategies and therapies that foster a sense of resilience and lasting recovery. As pillars in the Atlantic County community, our approach is dynamic, evolving continuously to meet and nurture the diverse needs of individuals seeking a transformative recovery experience.

Our holistic approach is a cornerstone in promoting recovery, ensuring every individual is supported mentally, physically, and emotionally. In Hammonton, NJ, at our drug treatment center, each journey is carefully curated to resonate with our clients’ unique experiences and challenges. Lifetime Recovery Center is not just a drug treatment center; it’s a nurturing environment where individuals are empowered to rediscover hope and rebuild their lives with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Navigating through the challenges of addiction can be a daunting experience. Yet, with the unwavering support and comprehensive care offered at Lifetime Recovery Center, the journey toward recovery becomes more attainable and sustainable. Our extensive involvement with the Atlantic County community allows us to be a relatable and trustworthy pillar of support. For compassionate, empathetic, and evidence-based recovery solutions, reach out to us at 844-896-8156, and let us be a guiding light in your journey towards recovery and wellbeing.

Drug Treatment Center New Jersey

A Supportive Community for Recovery

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we foster a supportive and empathetic community that champions recovery. Serving Atlantic County, our drug treatment center in Hammonton, NJ, is a place where individuals can find hope and a supportive network. This sense of community and shared experience is integral in fostering an environment conducive to recovery and growth.

Lifetime Recovery Center is more than a treatment center; it’s a place where individuals are given the tools and support necessary to rebuild their lives and flourish in sobriety.

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Little is known about the area of Hammonton before European contact. Archaeological findings, including stone tools that presumably dating back to the Woodland period, suggest some form of prehistoric habitation, though further details remain unclear. At the time of European contact, the general area was inhabited by the Unalachtigo Lenape.

As European settlement continued, the Lenape in the area declined due to disease, loss of land to Europeans, and emigration elsewhere. The West Jersey Society was granted rights over a large tract of land in the English Province of New Jersey to parcel out in 1748, including the territory of future Hammonton. The Society sold a parcel of what would become Hammonton in 1805, with the territory passing through several hands.

In 1812, William Coffin and his family migrated to the region, constructing a home and managing a sawmill for John R. Coates. Coffin purchased the land and the mill in 1814. The mill was located adjacent to Hammonton Lake and extended towards the north and east of the current town, not within the present-day downtown. Originally named “Hammondton” after Coffin’s son, John Hammond Coffin, later administrations dropped the “d”, resulting in the present name Hammonton.

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