What does Xanax do to your body and brain?

The Toxic Side Effects of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol

Xanax® is a central nervous system depressant prescribed for anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Central nervous system depressants slow brain activity, producing a calming effect. The  generic name for Xanax is alprazolam. In the United States, it is the most commonly prescribed psychotropic medication, meaning medication that affects how the brain functions. Xanax is in the category of drugs called...

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Women having migraine, distress due to gambling addiction

Is Gambling Addiction a Mental Illness? (and How to Know When It’s Time to Stop)

Gambling addiction is a progressive addiction that can cause many psychological, physical, and social consequences. It is classified as an impulse-control disorder and is included in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fifth edition (DSM-5). Problem gambling is hurtful to psychological and physical health. People who live with this addiction may experience psychological and physical symptoms, such as: Depression...

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Wife dealing with gambler husband

How to Deal with a Gambler Husband

If you’ve been living with a gambler husband in the house, no doubt you’re living with a lot of fear, shame, uncertainty, and a great deal of anger and resentment. Debts may be mounting, your marriage may be on the rocks, unthinkable money worries could be part of your everyday experience. At the same time, you may still want to...

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Five Important Myths and Facts about Gambling Addiction

Five Important Myths and Facts about Gambling Addiction

When you’re living with someone who has a gambling addiction or you have a loved one who has a gambling problem, it’s hard to know how to help or what to believe or what’s going to make a difference. The person with the gambling addiction problem may make excuses or even lie to and manipulate you. It’s important for you...

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Men sleeping on the couch after drinking

Nyquil and Alcohol: Can You Take Nyquil After Drinking?

Nyquil is just one of many over-the-counter drugs used to help with cold symptoms. As accessible as Nyquil and other drugs like it is, there is still room for abuse, especially when combined with alcohol. Cold and cough medicines are sometimes abused by teens to get high but combining Nyquil and alcohol can be a dangerous combination. It is important...

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Addiction Therapy Services

10 Tips for How to Stay Sober

Congratulations on becoming sober after your alcohol addiction rehab! The worst of your battle is behind you, but many people often face a new set of challenges when learning how to stay sober after rehab. You could be looking for a way to gain more support from family and friends, or want to limit possible triggers for relapse that can...

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Be Positive and Smiling icon!

Here’s How to Stay Positive in Recovery!

Experiencing change can be extremely difficult. Change is inevitable and often comes without any warning, protocol, or guidebook. No matter what changes an individual experiences, they are bound to hit an occasional road bump. This is true for those who are going through the changes that come with addiction recovery. While it may be hard to keep a positive mindset...

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Young man sitting on bench in the park

Risk Factors for Addiction

Addiction to substances can be influenced by a variety of elements. Addiction affects people in many different ways, some of which are life-threatening. For example, people who suffer from heroin addiction risk damaging nearly every organ in their body, including heart and brain damage amongst others. Accidental drug overdose is a leading cause of death among persons under the age...

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Effects of gambling on family

How Gambling Addiction Affects the Family Unit

Addiction negatively impacts a person’s life in many ways. These consequences can be emotional, physical, and/or social. However, the person who is abusing a substance isn’t the only one who suffers. Drugs and alcohol aren’t the only addictions that exist. When it comes to the effects of compulsive gambling on family members there are serious consequences to consider.  A person...

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Sad girl at sunset showing early signs Of alcoholism

Is Your Loved One Showing Early Signs Of Alcoholism?

Perhaps your husband hasn’t been acting like himself lately. Maybe your sister has a strange demeanor about her. Your loved one is starting to forget important things and he or she is experiencing severe mood swings. Maybe the individual has even been engaging in an excessive amount of after-work drinking with coworkers.  If your friend or family member seems to...

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