Alcohol Treatment Center in Penns Neck, NJ.

At our addiction treatment center in New Jersey, we are truly excited to establish a connection with you and extend our support as you progress towards your journey to recovery from addiction.

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Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Comprehensive Services at the Alcohol Treatment Center in Penns Neck, NJ

Our Commitment to Excellence in Recovery

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we specialize in offering exceptional services to individuals struggling with alcohol addiction in Penns Neck, NJ. With a passionate team of professionals, we are dedicated to providing personalized care that meets the unique needs of each person in their journey towards recovery. Located conveniently in Mercer County, our alcohol treatment center is designed with modern amenities and therapeutic environments to facilitate comprehensive recovery experiences.

Our mission is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives free from the grasp of alcohol addiction. By choosing Lifetime Recovery Center, you’re opting for a transformative journey backed by expertise and compassionate support. Reach out to us at 844-896-8156 for more information about our innovative approach to alcohol addiction recovery.

Dedicated Professional Team Members

New Treatment Methods

A Safe and Structured Environment

Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Tailored Treatment Programs

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we embrace a philosophy that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual’s journey to recovery. Nestled in Penns Neck, NJ, our alcohol treatment center flourishes as a cornerstone of innovative and customized treatment solutions. We believe in a tailored approach, where treatment programs are meticulously curated to resonate with the specific needs and aspirations of each client, ensuring that the journey to sobriety is both meaningful and effective.

Positioned within the nurturing realms of Mercer County, our center is a sanctuary of holistic healing. We are steadfast in our dedication to nurturing mind, body, and spirit through a rich array of services and therapeutic modalities. The essence of our approach lies in our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive care, which echoes sensitivity, respect, and profound understanding. Our professionals are adept at forging pathways to recovery that echo the realms of innovation, empathy, and excellence.

For an enlightening journey of recovery embellished with personalized care and unwavering support, reach out to us at 844-896-8156. Discover the difference of a bespoke treatment landscape, fostered at Lifetime Recovery Center.

Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Community and Support

Community is at the heart of recovery at Lifetime Recovery Center. Nestled in Mercer County, our alcohol treatment center in Penns Neck, NJ, is more than a facility; it’s a nurturing environment where individuals can find strong support networks and a sense of belonging. We encourage the building of profound connections that aid the healing process, allowing our clients to thrive as they move forward in their recovery journeys.

Engage with a vibrant community that understands your journey and is dedicated to providing the compassionate support essential for overcoming the challenges of alcohol addiction.

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The 6500-acre tract of land that would become Penns Neck was initially purchased from the East Jersey Board of Proprietors by William Penn, Quaker founder of Pennsylvania. In 1737, concurrent to the settlement of Dutch Neck, Garret Schenck 7 John Covenhoven purchased the land from Penn’s sons. That same year is the first year that the name “Penns Neck” (named after Penn) appears – alongside an alternate name, “Williamsborough.” Soon after, the area – bordered by the Stony Brook to the west, the Millstone River to the north, the Assunpink Creek to the south, and Penn Lyle Road to the east – became settled by the Schenck and Covenhoven families.

In the late 1730s/1740s, the Schenck-Covenhoven cemetery was constructed to house the settlers’ dead. Following the chartering of Brunswick Pike (Route 1) in 1804 and its completion in 1807, the community began to flourish, seeing the construction of the Red Lion Inn. In 1812, the Princeton Baptist Church (AKA the Penns Neck Baptist Church) was erected, helping to center the intersection of Route 1 and Washington Road as the geographical and historical heart of the community.

In October 2019, the Historical Society of West Windsor published an online museum exploring the history of West Windsor – including Penns Neck.

Learn more about Penns Neck.

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