Alcohol Treatment Center in Lawnside, NJ.

At our addiction treatment center in New Jersey, we are truly excited to establish a connection with you and extend our support as you progress towards your journey to recovery from addiction.

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Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Find Hope and Healing at Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Lawnside, NJ

Your Path to Recovery at Lifetime Recovery Center

Welcome to Lifetime Recovery Center, where we provide care and support to help people overcome alcohol addiction in Lawnside, NJ. Our center is a place where you can find hope and start your journey to a better life. We are here in Camden County to listen, understand, and guide you through each step of your recovery.

Our team believes that everyone deserves a chance to heal. At Lifetime Recovery Center, we create a plan that is just for you, making sure it fits with your needs and helps you recover in the best way possible. We want to make your journey to recovery as smooth and successful as it can be.

You don’t have to face this alone. The team at Lifetime Recovery Center is here to support you, offering a helping hand whenever you need it. Remember, we are with you every step of the way in Lawnside, NJ.

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Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Our Services

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we offer different services to support your recovery journey in Camden County. We provide help that suits your needs and helps you overcome addiction in a way that works best for you. Our services are here to guide and support you, always.

We provide everything from detox to ongoing support programs in Lawnside, NJ. This means we’re here for you from the first step to the last, helping you stay strong and maintain your recovery journey. You can always count on us to be here whenever you need help or support.

Need someone to talk to? Just call us at 844-896-8156. We’re always here, ready to listen and help guide you through your recovery journey in the heartwarming community of Camden County.

Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Trust in Our Care

At Lifetime Recovery Center, trust is at the core of what we do. In Lawnside, NJ, our center is where you can feel safe, supported, and cared for as you recover. We aim to make everyone feel valued and respected during their time with us.

We want you to feel comfortable in our care. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the best support, helping you move forward in your recovery journey in Camden County. We make sure that you feel heard and understood at every step.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 844-896-8156. We’re here to answer your questions, offer our support, and guide you through your journey to recovery in the heart of Camden County.

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Lawnside has been home to African Americans since the late 18th century. Methodist gatherings were established by 1797, and in 1811, Bishop Richard Allen of Philadelphia founded the local African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), which eventually became the Mount Pisgah AME Church today. AME churches were premised on abolition and civil rights, primarily serving former slaves and their descendants. Additionally, freedmen often sought safety and support by concentrating near Quaker allies, which in the case of Lawnside was the Haddonfield Quaker Society of Friends, with support from the Gloucester County Abolition Society and Vigilant Association of Philadelphia. In 1840, these latter abolitionists further advanced the settlement by purchasing land to convert into inexpensive lots for sale to African Americans. The original name of this community, Free Haven, was due to its crucial role as a stop along several routes of the Underground Railroad. Indeed, the home of Peter Mott, now a nationally recognized refuge of the underground railroad, was saved by the Lawnside Historical Society from demolition in 1992 specifically to preserve this important legacy of the town.

The early village was later known as “Snow Hill” after the Civil War and eventually “Lawnton.” After a train station was constructed by Reading along the Atlantic City Railroad in 1907, the town became known as Lawnside, either from the presence of a spacious lawn at the station or as a shortened description of the stop’s exit on the “Lawnton side” of the tracks.

In 1919, John Lawson, a prominent Philadelphian and recipient of the Medal of Honor for his service during the Civil War, was laid to rest at Mount Peace Cemetery in Lawnside. The exact reasons behind this location remain uncertain, with possibilities including family connections to Lawnside or the restrictions on burying black veterans in certain Pennsylvania cemeteries at the time.

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