Alcohol Treatment Center in Hammonton, NJ.

At our addiction treatment center in New Jersey, we are truly excited to establish a connection with you and extend our support as you progress towards your journey to recovery from addiction.

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Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Experience Compassionate Care at the Alcohol Treatment Center in Hammonton, NJ

We Welcome You Warmly

At Lifetime Recovery Center, we make your journey to a life free from alcohol comforting and supportive. In the calming surroundings of Hammonton, NJ, we’ve created a place where you can focus on your healing. Our center is filled with warmth, kindness, and people who understand your journey. We’re located in the heart of Atlantic County, a community that is here to support you.

Our team is more than just staff; they are a family ready to give you the personalized help you need. We are here to listen, understand, and help you through each step of your recovery process. We value your individual journey, and we tailor our programs to meet your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us at Lifetime Recovery Center.

If you’re looking for a place to start your recovery journey, call us at 844-896-8156. Let us join you in your path to recovery, offering guidance, support, and care to help you build a fulfilling life without alcohol.

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A Safe and Structured Environment

Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Personalized Treatment Just for You

At Lifetime Recovery Center in Hammonton, NJ, we offer a beacon of hope. We’re here to provide a variety of treatments that are as unique as you are. We understand that everyone’s journey is different, and our approach is to create a plan that works best for you, making your path to recovery as smooth as possible in the supportive environment of Atlantic County.

We have a range of services, all designed to meet your needs and support your recovery process. Our goal is to give you the tools and guidance necessary to overcome the challenges you face. Every plan we create is aimed at ensuring you achieve lasting recovery and lead a fulfilling life.

Feel free to reach out to us at 844-896-8156. We are here to discuss the different ways we can support you, helping you make the best decision for your journey to a happier life.

Alcohol Treatment Center New Jersey

Community Support and Ongoing Care

Community is key in the recovery process. At Lifetime Recovery Center, located in Hammonton, NJ, we ensure you’re surrounded by a supportive community that cares about your recovery. In the harmonious environment of Atlantic County, you’ll find a network of support that fosters your journey to sobriety, helping you feel connected and understood.

We don’t just stop at treatment; we believe that ongoing support is crucial for lasting recovery. We’re here to offer continuous guidance, helping you navigate life’s challenges with confidence as you move forward in your sobriety journey in Hammonton, NJ. You’ll always find a supportive community ready to assist and guide you at Lifetime Recovery Center.

Let us be your companion in your journey towards a life of recovery and fulfillment. Connect with us, and experience the transformative power of community support and ongoing care in your path to sobriety.

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Little is known about the area of Hammonton before European contact. Archaeological findings, including stone tools that presumably dating back to the Woodland period, suggest some form of prehistoric habitation, though further details remain unclear. At the time of European contact, the general area was inhabited by the Unalachtigo Lenape.

As European settlement continued, the Lenape in the area declined due to disease, loss of land to Europeans, and emigration elsewhere. The West Jersey Society was granted rights over a large tract of land in the English Province of New Jersey to parcel out in 1748, including the territory of future Hammonton. The Society sold a parcel of what would become Hammonton in 1805, with the territory passing through several hands.

In 1812, William Coffin and his family migrated to the region, constructing a home and managing a sawmill for John R. Coates. Coffin purchased the land and the mill in 1814. The mill was located adjacent to Hammonton Lake and extended towards the north and east of the current town, not within the present-day downtown. Originally named “Hammondton” after Coffin’s son, John Hammond Coffin, later administrations dropped the “d”, resulting in the present name Hammonton.

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